Saturday, May 7, 2011

Summer is in the air!

Can't believe it is almost summer, I have been looking forward to this time of year with James so much! I couldn't wait to put him in shorts, and a cute t-shirt! Today was our first official outing in this nice warm weather! We went to the first Paris Street Market for this season, and he did great, was awake pretty much the whole time and just hung out, while the shop owners oohhed and ahhed over him.

Now I am trying him in his crib to take a nap, as I sit down stairs with the baby monitor on, all I can hear is him screeching and talking away, hmmm good luck with that nap :)

We are coming up on that 4 month mark quickly and all I can say is how time has gone by so fast, he had his first holiday, Easter, and he did really great! And looking incredibly cute!

His new things that he has discovered at his age are: he has found his voice! He gibber-jabbers all the time now, no more quiet house, if he is awake he is either screeching, cooing, ahhing, or oohing. The funniest is when he tries to talk with his pacifier in his mouth.

He also has discovered he is not a big fan of being in his carseat, if it is either in the back and he is by himself or if he is in it and there is a free lap handy.
But all around he is a great little guy, who stills my heart every time I look at him.


  1. Growing so quickly - it is a joy to watch him make all of these big transitions!