Saturday, April 2, 2011

SAHM- Stay-at-Home Mom

Well after much thought and consideration, JD and I have decided that I am going to stay home with James. It's funny cause I type this it still hasn't sunk in. I feel like I need to go back to work, but there is no way that I could leave James. I applaud all those moms that go back to work and are able to leave their little ones, I obvisouly don't have that strength. I am still trying to find something that I can do from home to bring in a little extra money, but something will come.

I have to say that I seriously can't believe that I get to stay with my amazing little man. I can't wait to teach him to walk, talk and do all those great things and be there to document it all.

So expect all those great things to be documented on here as well, below is the start of it all. James gibber-jabbering and also running his little legs!

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