Saturday, April 2, 2011

So far a great weekend

What a beautiful day, 80 degrees (as Stef put it, hottest day of James life). We had a great time hanging out today, enjoying the wonderful weather, and great family and friends. Spent the morning with hubby and in-laws at Village Inn for breakfast, and then my parents came over for grandson time and then dinner at Hickory House, the boys got to ride their motorcycles, which was great for them.

Can't wait for more of these warm summer days with James, he loves the nice weather, as we speak he is laying next to me kicking his little bare legs in his "I Love Mommy" onesie.

I think about days like today were James really felt so good and comfortable with me, and it makes me so happy to be a mother. As we sat and ate dinner at Hickory House, all he wanted was to lay against my heart. It moments like those that melt your heart away.

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