Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coat Closet Clean Out

Well I finally got down and dirty and cleaned out our coat closet, or shall we say the catch all. I took out all one hundred jackets, which only about six of them still fit or were worth keeping. Goodwill is going to love us. As I started digging out from the bottom of the closet, I knew there had to be little spiders waiting for me, but only found one, I think he ate all the others, after screaming when he came crawling out, I finally killed him with a couple good blows from the broom. During all this James was having fun playing with the storage bins and watching mom freak out over a spider, he thought it was pretty funny. After finally getting all the jackets hung up again, and all the Rockband guitars and drums downstairs and cleared out, I hung up the storage hanger and started putting everything back in. I never realized how many board games we have.

Well no more waiting, I can't believe I am posting the before picture, seriously we really aren't slobs, just this closet got away from us. I am pretty proud of it!

Here are the links to the Target  storage bins and hanging organizer

 Okay so here is the before, YIKES!

And now the after, thank you Target for all your storage and organization products!

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  1. Looks awesome! You might want to add a link to Target's products above - never know what might come of it :)