Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We have a crawler!

Well last night was it, James took his first few "crawls" towards being mobile. The thing that got him moving, my glasses, gggrrreattt.... It is pretty amazing though to think that only a few short months ago, almost 7 actually he was a little bean just laying where ever you put him, couldn't really move anything, now you can't get him to sit still anywhere, your lap your arms, it doesn't matter he wants to move!

Well now with the start of a little crawler we are going to do the fun purchase of baby gates this weekend! Look out Babies R Us, we are coming for white "pretty" baby gates. Will definably be posting pictures of the installation, should be pretty funny is my guess. I still can't get over it though, he is determined and if he can't do it he gets grumpy and frustrated. He is all boy and willed at that!

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