Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well today my mom and I are joining the masses its IKEA day! I have my list and am prepped with a tape measure and credit card (I also have a gift card from my step-brother Trent). I have to say I am excited and nervous, hopefully it won't be too crazy. Our list includes:

Drapes for the kitchen sliding glass door
A rod to go with those drapes
Shadow box frames- two projects from these a key shadow box like this, we have keys from a family friends house, will have this project blogged later on. Also going to do a butterfly box, thank you Young House Love.
Cabinets- just looking for when we redo the laundry room.
And of course looking for stuff for James, cause they have the best baby stuff!

Will let you know how the trip goes later on, till then if you don't hear from me, it probably means I am lost in IKEA and call for help!

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  1. It was a very productive day at IKEA - can't wait to see the results!