Monday, August 15, 2011

PSA: Public Service Annoucement

Do not vacuum a certain companies rugs (I won't name them, but it rhymes with Moles). Anyways I learned the hard way by trying to keep the house clean and learned that when vacuuming with a high powered Dyson, it will literally pull the fibers right out and make the rug look like it needs a good hair cut. Anyways with all this craziness with rugs, we did some switch-a-roo and with that I ended up with a new Ikea living room area rug! SA-WEET!

So to start here is the rug post vacuuming, blah!

So here is the rug that use to be in front of the couch in the living room, we put the "shag" rug by the back door, and put the living room rug by the front door, hence below picture:

So with all this Rug-Ring-Around and our recent trip to Ikea Centennial (JD's first time going) we found the awesomness that is our new living room rug! I give you James and his new soft rug :)

So even though it started as a blah rug fiasco! It ended with an awesome new rug that totally finishes the room!

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